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Applying Custom Stickers:

Photos and text by John Baker

You will need a good pair of magnifying glasses (if over 35 years old), a
pair of scissors, a small knife, and a well lit area to work. (see photo #1)

Once you receive your labels, sort them out by denomination; its good NOT to
put the right label on the wrong chip color... I like to cut them up into
usable strips which makes it go faster.

Start by removing a label with your fingernail and end up with it on your
right index finger (see photo #2)

Next, place the left edge of the label on the left edge of the chip recessed
area. Line everything up so that as the label falls down to the right, it
looks perfect. (see photo #3)

Slowly press down the label and work out any creases. (see photo #4)

Go back to the first step and do the next chip...

If anything goes wrong i.e. mis-alignment, overlap of the edge etc, use your
small knife edge to lift the label at some point, and lift it back up about
75% of the way. Re-align the label and press down again. (see photo #5)

Try to do everything backwards if you are LEFT handed...
Try not to put all the labels on at one time unless you have several
Try not to be too aggressive fixing botched labels; you only have a few
Try to remember why you're doing this; to save MONEY and have a great pile
of custom chips (see photo #6)

Good luck and I hope you like yours as much as I like mine!


Here's a additional note from John:
"I forgot to mention in my write-up to align the labels with the edge spots.
Its a little extra work, but looks a lot better than the random alignments
most clays come with. I prefer the 3 edge spot chips to be at the 10, 2, and
6 o'clock positions; however its up to the user to pick but just don't forget
to pick and be consistent!"

Thanks for the great write-up, John!!!!











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