Merchant Ambassadors

Merchant Ambassador is the leading developer and producer of poker chips and poker accessories made in China. They carry a full line of home-use and professional quality gambling products and sell products both 'no-name', OEM production for various other brands, as well as under their own JACKPOT brand. These products include 14, 11.5, 7.5, and 4 gram clay-feel chips as well as ABS chips in up to three colors, Graphic-Inlaid chips using both high resolution printing techniques directly onto the chip or with stickers, Coin-inlaid chips, dozens of cases, complete case sets, tables, table-tops, layouts, card shoes, racks, carousels, etc. Merchant Ambassor has been making poker products in China longer than anyone else and have been steadily closing the gap between Chinese-made chips and American-made chips. They are the largest producer of these products in China with a daily output of several million chips, and have over 20 factories in southern China covering various product types (injection molding, woodworks, etc).










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