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I received a fantastic sample from Matsui showing several types of chips.  Many folks are familiar with their 'Bud Jones' copies that are available from a number of vendors in the U.S. and abroad.  What many folks don't know is their  'Decal'  line of chips are simply stunning.  You have to order in quantity from Matsui, so until we find a vendor willing to make that initial investment, we may be out of luck.  Until then, the chip reviews will stay in this section.


Close-up of a 'Gold', 'Decal' and 'Inner Ring' style chips.



The new Matsui movie!
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The Co
in Center chips are currently available to the consumer. Full review is here.  They are OK....but really nothing overly exciting, and are currently priced quite high as well.












'Wheel Checks' are a lightweight, simple chip from Matsui.  Along the lines of a roulette chip.  Decent feel and good quality.  Matt texture on all of the chips.
WEIGHT: 8.3 - 8.6 grams
FEEL: 7.5


'Decal' and 'Center Ring Decal' chips are where Matsui really shines.  These are just stunning chips.  Similar in feel and look to Bud Jones chips, the graphics on these are absolutely amazing. They hit the ball out of the park in every regard.  Looks, feel, quality. The only negative may be there sound...which is just slightly on the plastic-y side. Matt texture w/ a slightly soft, rubber feel to them.  These may be my all-time favorite chip I've reviewed on the site.
WEIGHT: 12.3 - 13.5 grams
LOOKS: 10++


The 'Clays' were sent to me by a reader.  Matsui has so far refused my request to send me any, telling me they are coming out with a 'new' version of their Clay chip sometime this summer.  Now that's I've got my hands on them, I can begin to see why.  These chips do not feel like Blue Chip, ASM or Paulson clays....but they did feel and sound very 'familiar' to me.  After a few minutes of rooting through my chip samples, I discovered their feel and sound is almost identical to my el-cheapo 7.5 gram Diamond chips.  Not the best association for a top-end chip. The mold is OK, nothing really good or bad about it.  The chips have a nice texture to them.  The weight of the three chips was surprising, ranging from a light 9 grams to a hefty 11 grams.
WEIGHT: 9 - 11 grams




The 'Gold' chip is just a work of art.  Coming in at an unheard of 25.5 grams, this brass chip is just a pleasure to hold and look at.  Flawless construction.  Of course...the sound is extremely 'coin' like.  I've heard this chip will tarnish, but I haven't had mine long enough to tell you for sure.
WEIGHT: 25.5 grams
LOOKS: 10++




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