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Injection Molded chips:
So you want nice chips but haven't won your local state lotto. No worries.  There are plenty of great injection molded chips out there for a reasonable cost. And the best news is that they are getting better each day. 



Rating System:
Everything is a 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.  FEEL is the overall feel of the chip when you handle it, shuffle it, splash it, etc etc.....  QUALITY is how well the chip has been manufactured as well as my guess on how well it will hold up in the long run. Off center graphics and bleeding colors take points away from QUALITY. Finally, LOOKS is how attractive the chip design itself is to my own eyes.  This one is the most subjective.  Here is where the pictures help you make your own decision.





Neophyte Chips: Coming out as a high-end injection molded chip, the Neophytes don't disappoint. Weighing in at roughly 12.5 grams and displaying very bold colors, the Neophytes give a great first impression.  Good, although a bit redundant color-wise, edge spots.  Nice logo in the chip center...perfectly placed on every chip I looked at.  Good sounding chip as well.  So what's wrong with these?  Really, not much unless to are a chip masochist. If you try pretty hard, you can cause slight damage to these chips with your fingernails.  Maybe a bit worse than that is the center logo can be damaged as well, (look closely at the $100 in the photo). Now, bare in mind that you have to *work at it* to damage these chips...just know it can be done.  In the end, a good chip that deserves serious consideration for the chip shopper.

Note: These chips are not available until mid November, 2004.

WEIGHT: 12.5 grams.
FEEL: 8.5
LOOKS: 8.5
Vendor: BuyPokerChips




neophytes on the left" BGCOLOR="#FFFF99" height="1">


NexGen Chips: There are several versions of NexGen chips currently available.  While the mold and coloring are different, the material, weight and 'feel' of the chips is I'll just have a single review for all the chips.  The NexGens made a big splash (pun so very intended) on the consumer chip scene because of their great looking molds and 'real-clay' looking edge spots.  They are all metal insert chips, and are very similar to the 13 Gram chips also available on market.  The material they are constructed of is soft enough to deaden the metallic ring found in regular plastic chips...but is also soft enough to be damaged by fingernails if you are so inclined.  You have to try to do it...but just be aware that they can be scratched.  Handling is OK.  They are not as slick as a plastic chip, but definitely slicker than 'real' clay chips.  They stack and shuffle well.  If you scratch a darker colored chip hard onto a lighter colored chip, the darker color with scratch off onto the lighter chip. Keep in mind...this is fairly common...even with many real clay chips.  Looks are up to you.  The original NexGen and original RiverPoker Tour chips have a good variety of color combos to choose from.  The newer NexGen (NextNexGen???) chips have about the weirdest edge spot colors I've ever seen.  Whoever designed these smoked something pretty fun prior to submitting the colors.  I almost wonder if someone misunderstood the term "Multi-Colored Edge Spots". The new RiverPokerTour chips have REAL multi-color edge spots and are very cool looking.  In the end, the NexGen chips offer a lot of color variety, a smooth inner surface for those looking to customize with their own stickers and a good value.  Good stuff.

Addition: 8/16/05: Lucky Bees.  Got a sample of the new Lucky Bee Nexgens in recently.  More colors and more varieties...which isn't a bad thing.  Check out the new photos on the right as well as the new vendor below!

WEIGHT: 12.0-12.5 grams.
FEEL: 8.5
LOOKS: 5.0 - 9.5 depending on the chip.
Vendor: AcePokerChipCompany,
5 Star Deal










pile 'o NexGens

original River Poker Tour mold NexGens

original Las Vegas mold NexGens
new Las Vegas mold NexGens

new River Poker Tour mold NexGens

new River Poker Tour mold NexGens

close-up of the Lucky Bee chips

more Lucky Bee's

and MORE Lucky Bee's Nice...Chips.  Yeah.  I mean...SERIOUSLY, do I even need to do a review?  If you visit the supplier, the even more insane part is the price.  I won't include the specifics in this review, but for a VERY reasonable price, you get 500 chips, 2 sets of very enjoyable cards, a dealer button, some dice and a decent case.  (Even if mine came broken in shipment....the supplier said they would replace no keep a note of that.) aside from 'Looks' which you can take a wild freakin' guess what the rating there is going to be, lets look at the actual chips.  Each chip is a matt finished, softer feeling plastic composite. Edge spots are nicely molded in.  The (lovely) pictures are a gloss insert pressed into the center of the chip.  The inserts are recessed, so stacking, shuffling and general handling of the chips is *very* good.  I did try pretty hard to peel some of the inserts off using a fingernail and they wouldn't that's good.  I must be completely honest and tell you that overall I was really surprised at the nice feel (stop laughing) these chips have.  I was really expecting a more cheap and plastic-y feeling chip...but they aren't that way at all.  OK...negatives.  Let see...I did have some of the chips have the insert not completely centered and seated on the chip.  Maybe 5 out of 500 in my set.  Again...given the price, bearable to me.  There are some minor injection molding issues found here or there.  Relatively common, but really not a biggie. Lastly...these chips have a metal insert, and you can tell when it comes to their sound when handling and shuffling.  It's not terrible by any means...but if you're a poker chip nerd like me, you'll notice. In the end, given the price point, even if these chips didn't have topless hotties on them, **this set is a hell of a deal**.  The hotties are an obvious bonus.  Although...I have no idea how you're going to concentrate on your game.  Oh...and case you didn't notice, the set comes with two sets of playing cards...also covered with major hotties.  God Bless America!!

WEIGHT: 11.6 - 11.8 grams.
FEEL: 9 (Ahem..)
Are you kidding?
Vendor: JustPokerSupplies














The set

Pair of..chips...

Did I mention there were cards?

Edge spot close-up.  You you care.

So many pics and only so much time for Poker....

Nice hand...

Pro Clay Composite: Poker'nStuff is another company that has a variety of chips to select from.  They don't have any traditional clay chips, but they do have a variety of clay composite chips that have a nice feel.  I'm not going to describe them individually, because they pretty much all feel and handle the same.  The '9 gram pro clay' chips (4 chips on the left in the top picture) that they describe weigh in at around 7.7 - 8.1grams on my scale.  These look good, and feel pretty good.  The composite has a soft feeling, matt finish, so the chips stack easy.  The edge spots are nice.  Really the only major thing detracting from these chips is their very light weight. Most of them have a glossy sticker with a graphic on them.  The sticker is on there pretty good.  You shouldn't have to worry about them coming off unless your obnoxious, drunk, poker friend pulls out his pocket knife and goes to town.  I did notice a few color blemishes on my samples, which affected my quality rating.
WEIGHT: 7.7 - 8.1 grams.
Vendor: Poker'nStuff


Pro Clay Composites on the left hand side.


Roulette:  These are the second chips received from a new European supplier.  Straightforward and simple in their design, they still offer a great alternative to the (IMHO) legendary Faux 10 Gram chips.  One very notable thing about these chips is their sound, which is a nice, muffled, very 'real clay' like click.  Feel is also very good with a good texture that give a nice 'soft' surface to them. Only real negative was the injection point sticking out on some of the chips. Great roulette chip or something new for your poker table, give these a look.
WEIGHT: 8.3 - 8.4 grams.
FEEL: 7.5
LOOKS: 8.5
Vendor: Gamblerstore



Sopranos:  What, you think I'm going to give these chips a bad review?  Have you ever WATCHED the Sopranos?  Have yah????  Then you'll understand when I say these are the F***ing GREATEST chips EVER!!!!  They are perfection, joy and a wet dream all combined into a 8 gram piece of composite plastic.  Buy them.  Buy millions of them.  Your life will be happier, and Tony will not blow my f***ing head off.  That said, these chips are heavier than advertised at around the mid-eight grams.  The material is softer than plastic, but harder than a Neophyte/Kingpin.  If you want to risk your neck at Tony's table and try screwing up his chips with your can be done.  But you have to both try pretty hard and be pretty stupid.  Simple and flexible (no denoms) design that can truly complete your Sopranos evening.  Well...maybe the chips and a 9mm.
WEIGHT: 8.6 - 8.8 grams.
FEEL: 8.0
LOOKS: 8.0
Vendor: AcePokerChipCompany






Sopranos v2.0:  What do you get when you take the original Sopranos chip and add about 1.5 grams to it?.  You get a heavier Sopranos chip!!  (Sorry...). You have the same look and feel of the original, but the the weight is a hefty 10 grams vs the original's 8.6 to 8.8.  Same sound and same feel.  The increase in weight is NOT from a metal no issues there.  A good chip made even better by getting it to casino spec weight.  Way to go!!!!
WEIGHT: 10.0 - 10.2 grams.
FEEL: 8.5
LOOKS: 8.0
Vendor: AcePokerChipCompany





Ultimate Poker Championships: These are customized NexGens.  The center sticker is slick, which I'm not a huge fan of.  That said, the graphics are sharp and the sticker itself is VERY resistant to peeling or damage.  Normal use should not cause any problems with the decal.  The NexGens are already pretty darn good chips, so adding these good looking decals isn't a bad thing.  Also, there are a zillion different if you're demon picky, no worries here.  A good idea applied well.
WEIGHT: 12.0 - 12.5 grams.

FEEL: 8.0
LOOKS: 8.0






World Poker Tour: A reader sent me a few chips from a damaged Sam's Club WPC tour set.  First impression with these chips was not positive, mostly because only fair job at quality control with the injection molding process was done. Quite a bit of bleeding is noticable.  However, that said, the more I handled these chips, the more they grew on me.  The center logo graphic is crisp and impossible to damage unless you use a sharp instrument.  The outside colored part can be scratched with a fingernail, if you *really* try....but it takes quite of bit of effort.  These chips have a metal insert in them, but the material used in the chip does a good job of preventing the 'metalic ringing' sound from raising it's ugly head.  It's still there if you listen for it...but it's not anywhere close to a regular 'plastic' chip's ringing.  The finish is a nice, matt, textured surface.  They are a little slick, but not to bad.  All in all, not a bad chip, especially considering the price range.
WEIGHT: 12.0 - 12.2 grams.

FEEL: 7.5
LOOKS: 7.5
Vendor: Sam's Club



World Series of Poker: A real treat for all you WSOP fans, these chips are good stuff.  While I'm not normally a big fan of the standard 'red/blue/green/black' colors, the WSOP chips are easy on the eyes.  Great, straightforward, design that should appeal to lots of folks, not just rapid WSOP junkies.  Feel wise, the first thing that hits you are the WEIGHT of these chips.  Now, keep in mind these are pre-production chips, but these "11.5" gram chips come in at a bicep-enlarging 14.3 - 14.4 grams a pop.  The second heaviest chips reviewed on this site except for the Tangiers Brass all metals.  I'll adjust this review if the production chips come in at a different weight.  The chips' surface is a nice matt texture, with no hint of gloss of any kind.  The material is similar to's Neophytes, but slightly harder. I could not scratch or rub off the logo AT ALL, and my thumbnail assaults left virtually no damage. (I was really reefin' on them.)  Probably the only real downside to the chip is that they are slightly extremely large stacks might get a bit iffy. As you might have guessed, these chips have a metal insert to add heft. Sound is good.  You won't mistake these for a Paulson, but they don't have any of the 'ringing' found in cheap, plastic, low-end chips.  As a final note, while I had these chips laying out on my desk at the office during the day, everyone that took a look at them immediately said 'I like these chips'.
*** Available in February of 2005. ***
WEIGHT: 14.3 - 14.4 grams.
FEEL: 8.5
LOOKS: 9.0
Vendor: ExcaliburElectronics


wsop video chip review
 .wmv format 4.5 megs


Wyndham: These are REAL, ex-casino, Bud Jones chips.  Only got two to look at, but still....these are dandy.  Only bad news on these chips is what I just said....they are used.  That's pretty obvious with the dings and marks.  That said, I must say I'm a Bud Jones fan....and I would kill to have a full set of these for my weekend games.  Nice color combo and good chip design...and that GREAT Bud Jones sound adds up to a hell of a chip.  Expensive?  Oh yeah.  Rare? You betcha.  Worth it?  In my book....abso-freakin-lutely.
WEIGHT: 10.5 - 10.6 grams.
LOOKS: 9.0+
Vendor: Nevada Jack's





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