Custom Poker Chips:
These kind folks have volunteered their custom chip-sets for reference and inspiration to those thinking of designing their own.  Many thanks to them. isn't responsible for any outside links that go bye-bye.


Here's an ASM set designed and purchased by Mike DiBacco. Was it worth it?
Mike: Absolutely. The chips are great. Well worth the wait. Was your supplier cool or did they stink?
Mike: I had no problems with communication with They said it was going to take a while for the order and it did. Every time I called for updates they were very pleasant. How long did you have to wait?
Mike: It took 113 days (A little over 16 weeks )since I placed my order 7/30/04. Delivered 11/22/04. Colors?
Mike: Colors turned out great. There is only one color that did not turn out right. The Yellow/DG Orange did not come out as expected but it still looks good.  From the pictures the Purple/DG Yellow does not look Purple. I can not figure out how to get that one to look right in a picture. Information about the quality?
Mike: For the most part the quality is excellent. There a few (very few) chips that have small spot of another color on it. If you look at the Purple/DG Yellow chip you can see a dot of color on the to right edge spot. All of the chips came covered in dust from what I can assume was production. They can be cleaned and I am also sure the more they are played with the better they will look. How about the feel?
Mike: The chips stack great. Nothing like the 11.5g chips I have played with before. They sound great and the weight is not a problem. The weight feels perfect. I do not know the exact weight of each chip though. Overall.
Mike: I am extremely happy with my order from I have no problems or no major issues with my order.





Custom set for a company hosting an event for the U.S. Marines.

Chips are Nevada Jacks Ceramic.  1000 chips ordered.  Ordered and sent the custom artwork on a Friday, and received the chips THE NEXT FRIDAY.  No special charges for the quick turn around.





Custom set from John Baker DVM

"Anyway, my tournament set is made up using NexGen 8000 chips with custom labels; they feel great, not too expensive (about $0.29 @), and my poker buddies were impressed..."

Hey....that's all that matters!!!!!  Great job, John.





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