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In the News:
Couple new chips to check out.   Germany comes out punching with a fantastic set from Stralka and Paulson returns again with a great hot-stamped chip that will both knock your socks off and help you stay within your budget!

In the News:
OK...the PG rated version of the Perfect10 chip review is up and there for you to check out. 

In the News:
Second round of pics from Mr. Chip. HECK of a review coming this week.  All I can say is this:

In the News:

New reviews!!  Mr. Chip has sent a ton of new samples my way and I'll be rolling them out over the next few weeks.  Check out some of the best Ceramic chips out there.

In the News: update....geeze.  Some reviews coming shortly, gang.  Hang tight.  Appreciate all the emails.  It's been nuts the past few weeks...tons of emails.  Don't know what gotten into you guys.

In the News:
Holy actual new review!!!!!!!  What do you know!  Sorry for the long delay folks.  Little things like divorce and major work related projects have gotten in the way of poker chip love the past few months... we've got the (sorta new) Commissions to check out from Two Face Poker.  Give 'em a look!!!

In the News:
New this week are some absolutely amazing injection molded chips that will just knock your socks off.  Check out the new Dunes Casino tribute chips.

In the News:
Yeah yeah...I know that I'm behind...way behind.  Little issue with buying a new house, moving, selling old house, lots of work-travel...and then the icing on the cake is my PC blew up a couple weekends I've had to do a lot of re-building and installing.  Anyway....enough whining ....lets check out the chips.  Couple new reviews.  One of a new Compression Molded called Protege and a new Ceramic called World Stars of Poker.  Both great chips...give them a look!

In the News:
A TON on new chip reviews coming in the next few weeks.  Only have time to add maybe two a keep checking in.  I'm getting more and more requests for some new movies to be I'll be working on that as well.

In the News:
"Budget" and "Paulson" in the same sentance?  Who'd a thunk it.  Check it out with the new foil stamped series from GPI/Paulson, Private Card Room.

In the News:
Happy New Year!!
So to start 2007 off right we've got Bond...that's James Bond's Casino Royale chips reviewed here.  Give it a gander.  Those cards I keep talking about plus another Paulson chip review coming VERY shortly!

picture courtesy of Sony Pictures

In the News:
Thanks for your patience the past few weeks!!  I've been getting email after email asking about the new Top Hat and Cane chips that are out now!!  Between a camera that went bye-bye and moving to a new house, I've been unable to get the updates to you.....UNTIL NOW!!!  Check out these amazing new chips

here. Coming soon...the new Casino Royale chips and a look at some fantastic military logo playing cards!!

In the News:
Hello hello!!  Some great updates today and also more coming shortly.  Check out the new Desert Palms that just arrived!  Plus new card decks and movie coming within a week or two! Some bad appears that TR King has gone bye-bye from our consumer chip world.  Really unfortunate since the quality of chips coming out of there was just outstanding.


Pirate Chips
Check out this Booty....

The Germans have arrived....

Helloooo Dolly!!!.....

Tons of new chips from Mr. Chip.  Here's Part 1 of the reviews.

Some new guys on the block...check out the Commissions.

Dunes tribute chips...just totally kick butt.....

World Stars Of Poker...some really good looking Ceramics.

Deja vous?'s just another set of kick-butt Paulsons.


Here they are....Top Hat and Cane!!! And they don't disappoint!


Composites that beat out Compression Molded???  Can it be?  Check it out.....


My oh my...the new Paulson National Poker Series are here!!  (anyone else got goosebumps?)


New 'Samurai Palace' Review.  One word: "Wow".



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-----(updated 3/2/09)------

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Mr. Chip Part 1 and 2

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-----(updated 10/17/07)------
Dunes Casino Tribute

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World Stars of Poker 

-----(updated 3/30/07)------
European Style

Recent Review Additions:
-----(updated 3/10/07)------
Lucky Dragon

Recent Review Additions:
-----(updated 1/14/07)------
Private Cardroom Paulsons

-----(updated 1/9/07)------
Casino Royale

-----(updated 12/3/06)------
Top Hat and Cane Paulsons

-----(updated 10/12/06)------
Desert Palms Compression Molded
Desert Palms "Pure Clay" Composites

-----(updated 6/11/06)------
National Plaques
Palm Imports
$1-$100 Chip Comparison

-----(updated 5/19/06)------
Paulson National Poker Series

-----(updated 4/09/06)------
Samurai Palace

-----(updated 3/11/06)------
Nevada Club Brass Chips

-----(updated 12/4/05)------
New ASM's, "Key West"
Scary Hot "American Beauties"
Tangiers Brass

-----(updated 11/20/05)------
Eagerly awaited Deadwoods!

------(updated 11/19/05)------
Holdem Saloon

------(updated 9/17/05)-------
Grand Havana ChipCo's
Amazing new InPlay clays

------(updated 8/23/05)-------
New ChipCo Classic Pic/Chips

Bud Jones Wyndham
High Society ChipCo's
New Mardi Gras Pic/Chips

------(updated 8/16/05)-------
Lucky Bee's Nexgens

Military Commemorative

------(updated 8/9/05)-------
Paulson Pharaoh's Club

------(updated 8/7/05)-------
Custom Chip Stickers!

------(updated 7/25/05)-------
New Plastic Custom Texas Holdem

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